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PlantProtech™ PROTOR Mobile


The PlantProtech PROTOR Mobile™ is a high-speed data acquisition and powerful diagnostic system for critical rotating machinery.

Key features

  • Up to 32 parallel dynamic and static channels, 4-speed signals
  • 24-bit ADC resolution
  • Wifi and LAN connectivity
  • Remote 4G access
  • Link to plant historians, such as OSI Pi
  • Lightweight - less than 7kg


The PlantProtech PROTOR Mobile™ is the fifth generation of a multi-channel, portable system from Beran and offers unrivaled capability in a compact form factor weighing less than 7kg with powerful diagnostic capability.

Designed for rotating machinery including, but not limited to

  • Steam turbines
  • Gas turbines
  • Hydro turbines
  • Feedwater pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Machinery requiring continuous monitoring

Portable diagnostic capability

Providing a powerful vibration condition monitoring system for all your strategic plant items where both real-time and remote diagnostic monitoring is required.

Typical applications include

  • Plant commissioning
  • Return-to-service
  • Balancing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Unattended diagnostics

Summary specification

  • Up to 32 parallel dynamic and static channels, 4-speed signals
  • 24-bit ADC resolution
  • Machine operating speeds from stopped (0rpm) to 50,000rpm
  • Dynamic channels support Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, or Dynamic Pressure
  • Simultaneous acquisition of vibration and process data
  • Integral ICP support and Hi and Low pass filters
  • 40kHz measurement bandwidth per channel
  • Multiple FFT line resolution, programmable FFT bands
  • Up to 16 harmonic orders magnitude and phase, sub-synchronous levels, intra-harmonic level, gap
  • Assignment of dynamic channels to multiple speed signals
  • RPM and Time-based acquisition control plus configurable event conditions
  • Real-time and historic displays include Time Domain, Synchronous Time Domain, FFT, Full Spectrum, Waterfall, Cascade, Orbit, Orders Text, Bode, Polar, Shaft Centre-Line
  • Overlay capabilities to display real-time run-up / run-down files with a historic baseline reference
  • Post-processing conversion between Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement units
  • File export into CVS format
  • Interface to OSI Soft™ PI and third-party applications using OPC interface
  • Two high-speed GBit LAN ports
  • Remote 4G access
  • Lightweight - less than 7kg
  • Rugged case
  • Outline dimensions 390mm (W) x 120mm (H) x 290mm (D)
  • Input power, 24VDC via 95-240VAC, 45-65Hz (external)

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