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PlantProtech™ Vision


Visualise, trend, and diagnose the health of your plant with our easy-to-use PlantProtech™ Vision application.

Regardless of experience, engineers and analysts can rapidly configure hardware, analyse data, share results and pinpoint plant problems.

  • Remotely configure your PlantProtech™ Analyser.
  • Monitor machine run-ups in real-time.
  • Trend vibration and process parameter data together.
  • Industry-standard displays, including Bode, Polar, FFT, Full Spectrum, and Orbits.
  • Filter out good data with exception rules logic.
  • Keep track of your machine's status with our in-built log book.
  • Quickly generate reports and share your findings.


Multiple users can access the Beran PlantProtech™ systems simultaneously and select whichever display formats suit their needs, without affecting data acquisition or other users.

Plant condition displays include Bode (stacked and multi-plot), Polar, FFT, Orbit, Time-Domain, Histogram, Waterfall, Shaft Centre Line, Real-Time Text, and Trend. Both real-time and historic data may be simultaneously displayed, including the ability to view a current run-up or run-down overlaid onto a reference or historic file.

Display types include 

  • Real-time data display
  • Historical data display
  • Bode
  • Orbit
  • Waterfall
  • FFT/ full spectrum
  • Shaft centre line/bearing clearance
  • Trended data display
  • Histograms
  • XY Plots
  • Polar
  • Tabular display
  • Export to CSV

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