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PlantProtech™ 766 Analyser

Parallel data acquisition for up to 64 vibration sensors, recommended for gas and steam turbines.

  • Modular construction
  • 19” rack mounting
  • Up to 64 dynamic vibration channels
  • Acceleration, velocity, and displacement inputs
  • Up to 4 x 1/rev phase marker inputs
  • Links to Site Digital Data Systems


The PlantProtech™ 766 Analyser is a 19” rack-mount unit providing modular acquisition/analysis of up to 64 parallel channels from acceleration, velocity, proximity, and pressure sensors. This ensures high-speed condition information is acquired during both steady-state and variable speed modes - vital for accurate diagnosis of many fault conditions.

Process (DC) parameters may be acquired directly by each PlantProtech™ Analyser using either voltage or optional 4-20mA and thermocouple signals with full galvanic isolation capability. Alternatively, a connection to the plant DCS or process computer may be utilised to acquire these parameters via an electronic data link, including (for example) MODBUS, PI, OPC, or Alstom’s AMODIS.

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