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This is a discontinued product, a newer model is available:

PlantProtech™ 768 Analyser


Flexible data acquisition - up to 4 x 8 vibration sensors. Recommended for small turbines, fans, and feed pumps.

Key features

  • Modular construction
  • 19” rack mounting
  • Up to 32 dynamic vibration channels
  • Acceleration, velocity and displacement inputs
  • Up to 4 x 1/rev phase marker inputs
  • Links to Station DCS Systems


The PlantProtech™ 768 Analyser is an optimised solution for smaller turbines such as those used in hydroelectric and gas-pumping installations. In addition, an alternative configuration utilising a multiplexed input option is ideal for auxiliary plant applications.

The PlantProtech™ 768 Analyser can monitor up to 4 tacho signals, 8 AC signals (32 multiplexed), 16 local DC channels (up to 256 remote), 8 digital channels, and has 8 alarm relay outputs. The multiplexed variant allows up to four non-critical plant items to be monitored cost-effectively.

Product notice

Discontinuing the production of the PlantProtech 766, P767 and 768 Analysers

The PlantProtech 766 Analyser has had a long and successful life, initially being introduced
to the market in 1993. PlantProtech P767 Portable and cost-effective low-channel count
PlantProtech 768 analysers were introduced in the early 2000s as an extension to the product

Over 500 Beran PlantProtech 766, P767 and 768 Analysers have been supplied and installed
worldwide with many remaining in continuous operation and supported by Beran for over 25
years, providing excellent long-term returns on investment. We remain committed to providing
a minimum of 10 years of product support for all shipped hardware.

Beran has continued to provide ongoing hardware and software upgrades to the Beran
PlantProtech 766, P767 and 768 Analysers and associated PlantProtech Vision machinery diagnostic
software throughout the product lifecycle.

Introducing Beran PlantProtech Protection and Condition Monitoring System (PCMS)

Beran has developed the new Beran PlantProtech Protection and Condition Monitoring System
product family as a successor to the Beran PlantProtech 766, P767 and 768 family.

PlantProtech PCMS Analysers use the latest digital signal processing technology to
provide a modern condition monitoring platform underpinning our ability to continue to
provide reliable, robust and maintainable condition monitoring solutions for the next 25 years.

The PCMS platform also provides a product family enabling Beran to continuously deploy
the latest advancements in condition monitoring technology into the future.

View PlantProtect Protection and Condition Monitoring System (PCMS)

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