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PlantProtech™ 768 Analyser

Flexible data acquisition - up to 4 x 8 vibration sensors. Recommended for small turbines, fans, and feed pumps.

Key features

  • Modular construction
  • 19” rack mounting
  • Up to 32 dynamic vibration channels
  • Acceleration, velocity and displacement inputs
  • Up to 4 x 1/rev phase marker inputs
  • Links to Station DCS Systems


The PlantProtech™ 768 Analyser is an optimised solution for smaller turbines such as those used in hydroelectric and gas-pumping installations. In addition, an alternative configuration utilising a multiplexed input option is ideal for auxiliary plant applications.

The PlantProtech™ 768 Analyser can monitor up to 4 tacho signals, 8 AC signals (32 multiplexed), 16 local DC channels (up to 256 remote), 8 digital channels, and has 8 alarm relay outputs. The multiplexed variant allows up to four non-critical plant items to be monitored cost-effectively.

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