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Explore success: Read our case studies

Step into our Case Study Library, where we unveil the tangible value delivered by our machine monitoring hardware, software solutions, and services. 

Explore real-world success stories that showcase the effectiveness and impact of our innovative solutions across various industries.

Case study library

Unlocking success stories: Discover how our online condition and vibration monitoring systems transform operations

Welcome to our case studies page, where we delve into the real-world applications of our cutting-edge solutions in the power industry. Explore how our online condition and vibration monitoring systems have delivered tangible benefits, from enhanced reliability to optimised performance, empowering our customers with data-driven insights to achieve their operational goals. 

Dive into these compelling narratives and witness the power of innovation in action.

Unlock solutions: Dive into our case studies
NFAC Six giant wind tunnel fans
USAF Engineering installs PlantProtech PCMS

At the forefront of cutting-edge technology, the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex has chosen Beran's PlantProtech™ Protection and Condition Monitoring System to elevate its capabilities in critical rotating machinery monitoring. This strategic installation not only enhances the facility's technological prowess but also underscores the trust placed in Beran's advanced solutions for safeguarding and optimizing mission-critical equipment. 

Explore how this collaboration represents a milestone in the seamless integration of innovative technology for unparalleled monitoring precision.

Power station at twilight
Vibration as a condition monitoring parameter

In unlocking peak power potential in the competitive generation market, vibration stands as a crucial parameter. In the quest for enhanced performance from turbo-alternators, managing vibration becomes paramount. Join us in optimizing reliability and power output with advanced condition monitoring. 

Our cutting-edge solutions empower you to not only navigate the challenges of a dynamic market but also set new standards for efficiency and reliability, ensuring your operations stay at the forefront of innovation.

Our products and solutions
Beran PCMS
Machine monitoring solutions

At the heart of our expertise lies the design and manufacture of high-quality data measurement systems and advanced software meticulously crafted for monitoring critical machinery. 

Our solutions are tailored to empower industries with precise insights, ensuring the reliability and optimal performance of crucial equipment. From cutting-edge hardware to intuitive software, we are committed to delivering innovative products and services that redefine the landscape of condition monitoring and vibration analysis

People looking at a screen during a training session
Service and support

Experience unwavering support with our comprehensive range of service options tailored for all our systems. Our team of highly skilled engineers is ready to assist you with personalized solutions. 

Your success is our priority, and we stand committed to delivering excellence at every call


Our Governance, Compliance, and Policies page provides a comprehensive insight into the ethical framework that guides our business practices.

Company history

Since our inception in Devon in 1984, we have been at the forefront of innovation in the design and manufacturing of condition monitoring and vibration equipment.


As part of the global CMTG group, operating across industrial and aerospace sectors worldwide, we offer exciting opportunities for talented individuals seeking to shape the future of technology. 

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