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What is TransCal™

TransCal™ is Beran's platform for transducer calibration systems, built on over twenty years of industrial experience and innovation.

At the heart of the system lies the TransCal™ Calibrator and Beran 485 Workstation graphical user interface software.

The TransCal™ Workstation enables ‘turnkey’ calibration of vibration transducers with Charge, Voltage, Current or Current Excitation interfaces, along with electrostatic microphones, without the need for laborious and time-consuming manual calibration. Simply mount the transducer, select the required test profiles, and click ‘run’ to perform calibration in accordance with ISO 16063-21.

As with all mechanical devices, transducers can fail as a result of general fatigue caused by age, sustained exposure to harsh environmental conditions, bonding failure, etc.

Depending on the application, transducers require calibration at different intervals. If the transducer is used with safety-critical space flight hardware, then it should be calibrated immediately before and immediately after the application. On the other hand, if the transducer is measuring an inherently stable rotating plant, then annual calibration will suffice. Whatever the application, you need to guarantee that the transducer is providing the correct output characteristics over the range of frequencies and amplitudes being measured in order to ensure accurate results. If the transducer is providing misleading information, the result could range from incorrect test data to (at worst case) catastrophic plant failure.

The Beran TransCal™ Calibrators, 485 Workstation, and Calibration Amplifiers meet this requirement by using the proven back-to-back comparison calibration method against an accredited calibrated reference transducer in accordance with ISO 16063-21, in conjunction with the single sine correlation measurement technique, to ensure that readings are accurate and repeatable over a wide frequency range and changing measurement environments.

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