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We offer a wide range of high-quality data measurement systems, used by power, process, and automotive industries, system designers, and calibration houses. Our systems provide you with repeatable and trusted measurements, enabling you to make effective and appropriate decisions.

Beran PCMS
Protection and condition monitoring systems

PlantProtech™ is Beran's platform for condition monitoring of rotating machinery, built on more than thirty years of industrial experience and innovation.


The PlantProtech™ hardware/software family is in use throughout the world, with over 300 systems currently being utilised within the power industry. The PlantProtech™ range is installed on Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro, CCGT, and Combined Cycle industrial plant.

Beran PlantProtech PROTOR Mobile
Portable vibration condition monitoring systems

PROTOR Mobile™ is the fifth generation of a multi-channel, portable system from Beran and offers unrivaled capability in a compact form factor weighing less than 7kg with powerful diagnostic capability.


Providing a powerful vibration condition monitoring system for all your strategic plant items where both real-time and remote diagnostic monitoring is required.

Beran TransCal 475
Transducer calibration systems

Automated calibration of vibration sensors and measurement microphones to ISO standards.  TransCal™ is Beran's platform for transducer calibration systems.

Beran acceleromter BI 5016A
Vibration transducers and cabling

We stock a comprehensive range of shear mode vibration sensors to meet your measurement requirements. 

Beran Frequency Response Analyser
Frequency response analysers

Easy-to-use Frequency Response Analysers showing the gain and phase on the control circuitry.

Specialist engineering solutions

We support aging and obsolete electronic systems at nuclear energy generation plants to enable key infrastructure sites to continue operation. 


Regardless of experience, engineers and analysts can rapidly configure hardware, analyse data, share results and pinpoint plant problems with our software solutions.

Training courses

Find out more about our specialist courses, designed for engineers.
Vibration transducers and accessories
Beran acceleromter BI 5016A
Beran Accelerometer BI-5301V-00
Velocity sensors
Beran Accelerometer BI-5701L-00
Dual output sensors
Beran Magnetic Mount M6