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Bespoke solutions

Specialist engineering services

Key infrastructure sites have numerous control and instrumentation systems installed across plant. Over time these systems can become obsolete or, for various reasons, are no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturers. 

Beran Instruments has expertise in supporting aging and obsolete electronic systems at Nuclear Energy Plant to enable key infrastructure sites to continue operation. Providing a lower-cost solution rather than replacing entire systems. 

Beran Instruments is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of vibration and condition monitoring systems and has also supported many customers by developing numerous control and instrumentation systems to automate historically manual processes in research and development environments.  

Safety, quality, and innovation are at the forefront of our minds during the project lifecycle. 

Solutions range from the replacement of simple analogue electronic boards to entire multi-channel measurement systems. 

In-house capabilities 

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  • LINE 2
  • LINE 3

Providing solutions 

To achieve the right solution and a successful project outcome, our engineers work closely with customers' specialist engineers to develop a comprehensive system requirements package. 

During the project lifecycle, Beran will continue to work closely with the customer's engineers to ensure that the solution which is being developed fully meets their requirements. 

Our engineers will work with you to develop the system requirements, through detailed design and evaluation, to meet all qualification requirements and ensure a successful project outcome.