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Warranty and service packages

Comprehensive service packages provide long-term support for equipment after the initial warranty period has expired.

Our PlantProtech service packages provide long-term support for Beran equipment after the initial warranty period has expired. Our top-level contract provides a fully comprehensive maintenance package, including on-site engineering support for your installed Beran PlantProtech™ System if the issue cannot be resolved remotely.

All Beran systems are supplied with an initial warranty period covering repairs, software updates, and comprehensive technical support.

After the initial warranty period has expired you can choose to protect your capital investment with one of our comprehensive service packages.


  • Top-level maintenance package*.
  • This package offers the best level of support and represents the best value for money. Includes the same level of support as our Gold grade package, plus the following extra protection:
    • Annual site visit by a Beran Engineer to perform analyser health check and calibrations
    • Calibration reports
    • Works completed reports
    • Ensuring your analyser is in optimum condition
    • Recommendations to improve the local environment in which the equipment is located in 


  • High-level maintenance package*.
  • Bronze and silver are also incorporated within this service package.
  • In addition, engineering site visits are included within the scope*. Depending upon the country where the equipment is installed, Beran will try to ensure an engineer is rapidly deployed to assist you. Please note that first-line support is always via remote connection, and many issues are able to be resolved this way. This level service agreement provides a much faster resolution, meaning interruptions to your plant monitoring are minimal.


  • Mid-range support package.
  • As per the bronze support package below, with the inclusion of replacement hardware. Site visits are subject to incremental charges.


  • Basic service package.
  • Telephone technical support, remote support (where available), and software updates to the user front end. Engineering site visits and replacement modules are subject to additional charges.

* Subject to country installed, travel costs may incur additional charges.