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Career Opening Evening and factory tour update

8 May 2024

CMTG: Beran and Helitune Career Open Evening - A resounding success!

Attention all aspiring engineers and job seekers! 

Beran and Helitune, distinguished leaders in industrial and aerospace technology, recently hosted an exclusive Career Opening Evening and factory tour at our Torrington office in North Devon. The event, held on Tuesday 7 May 2024, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm, provided attendees with a unique opportunity to explore diverse career paths, connect with industry experts, and delve into the dynamic fields of engineering, software coding, electronic design, systems engineering, and business systems utilised across our global customer base.

Event highlights

  • Exciting career opportunities: Attendees had the chance to learn more about a wide range of job roles available, including manufacturing technician roles, installation technician roles, engineering roles, and high-quality apprenticeships. Whether an experienced professional or someone looking to kick-start their career, there was something for everyone.
  • Exploration of condition monitoring: Participants gained a deeper understanding of condition monitoring and its significance in industries such as power generation and aerospace. They learned how Beran and Helitune's cutting-edge solutions contribute to machinery protection and optimise maintenance requirements.
  • Meet our successful apprentices: The event showcased the success of our apprentices, who have been recognised for their outstanding achievements. We celebrated the winners of prestigious awards, including Apprentice of the Year and Trainee of the Year at the North Devon Manufacturing Awards.
  • Rich history and cutting-edge products: Attendees embarked on a journey from our modest origins to our current status as pioneers in electronic instrumentation for industrial and aerospace technology. They explored our innovative range, such as the Beran PlantProtechâ„¢ PCMS, renowned for its application in power generation, and Helitune's RT6, a groundbreaking solution utilised in helicopters worldwide.

Throughout the evening, attendees had the opportunity to interact with industry professionals, network with peers, and gain valuable insights into the exciting career opportunities available at Beran and Helitune.

Missed the event?

For those who were unable to attend the Career Open Evening, there's still an opportunity to explore rewarding career paths with Beran and Helitune. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact our HR Team via email or by phone at 01805 624 304. Peter will be delighted to provide further information and discuss potential apprenticeship opportunities.

Join our team today!

Beran and Helitune are proud to offer high-quality, well-paid jobs in Torrington, North Devon. With family-friendly working hours and opportunities for career growth, there's never been a better time to join our team!

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The Career Open Evening was a resounding success, and we look forward to welcoming new talent to our team as we continue to innovate and excel in the fields of industrial and aerospace technology.

Contact us

  • Email: HR Team
  • Telephone: 01805 624 304
  • Address: Beran and Helitune Office, Hatchmoor Industrial Estate, Torrington, North Devon