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Helitune GmbH relocates to new premises

4 Jul 2013

In 2003, Helitune opened its first subsidiary in Germany. Now in its 10th year, Helitune GmbH has recently relocated its offices to larger, better-equipped facilities in Gilching, Lilienthalstrasse 2a, in order to continue to offer excellent service and support to the German Armed Forces.

When the German Armed Forces (GAF) started using the Helitune Rotortuner-5 (RT-5) more than 25 years ago, they were initially supported out of the UK and then through a dealer. As the business grew and the Bundeswehr became one of Helitune’s largest customers, the Company took the decision to set up an in-country subsidiary, in order to deliver efficient maintenance and service capabilities, and improve the overall level of support provided, becoming the chosen service provider for all vibration issues on the German Armed Forces’ seven helicopter types.

A Total Care Contract was developed in conjunction with the German Armed Forces and the Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB), and the Company successfully secured a Maintenance Contract covering all of the Helitune equipment operated by GAF, which has proved to be extremely successful for both parties. At the same time, Helitune also began to focus more on the provision of ‘total solutions’, rather than simply dealing with hardware maintenance, and was awarded a TLB Contract to support any vibration issues being experienced by the operators.

As a result of the overall financial situation worldwide, and the various associated military reforms associated which commenced in 2011, Helitune offered a revised, more effective Total Care concept for ongoing maintenance of the GAF’s Rotortuner kits, which was signed and implemented in 2012. The additional requirements (larger stock-holding, greater space, etc.) for the new contract prompted Helitune GmbH to relocate to the recently opened facility in Gilching, Lilienthalstrasse 2a, not far from their previous location. As this facility was brand new, Helitune GmbH was able to ensure that the layout was configured in order to meet their specific requirements.

The new facilities include

  • Improved delivery zone, with floor-level access for delivery vehicles, enabling quick Kit exchanges
  • Faster internet, providing better communication services
  • Improved lab chamber
  • OEM-approved Helitune service station.

The team at Helitune GmbH is made up of 7 employees, who look after the German Armed Forces’ Total Care Contract, and are supported, whenever required, by the OEM – Helitune Ltd. – based in the UK.

Alongside the maintenance of Kits, the team at Helitune GmbH also provide the following services:

  • Data analysis
  • Obsolescence management
  • Bespoke engineering projects