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Service and support

Helitune's commitment to customer service is achieved through a dedicated team of specialists located in the UK, France, Germany, and the USA. Services include customer-specified training, consultation on suitable upgrade paths, and a full repair and calibration service for all Helitune products.

Our flight engineers are experienced aircraft engineers with a wealth of experience in aviation maintenance specialising in Rotor Track & Balancing of dynamic components as well as propeller balancing, and Vibration Analysis. They are able to provide the knowledge and support you need where you need it. Whether in our training facilities or in the field we are able to customise engineering solutions to your operational requirements. Recent projects further demonstrate our capabilities and continued commitment to our customers.

Man on phone in customer support centre
Technical support

For technical enquiries, fault reports, suggestions, or any aspects of the use or application of the Rotortuner on your aircraft, we encourage you to submit the form below. Your enquiry is logged and you will receive a response from us within two working days advising status and progress.

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Calibration and repair services

We offer a comprehensive 'return-to-factory' calibration and repair service. 


Our facilities in the UK, USA, France, and Germany are able to provide extensive calibration, repairs, spares, and maintenance services for our customers. Each team consists of qualified technicians who are fully experienced in the repair and calibration of Helitune products.

Maintenance and support packages

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and support packages that cover a range of support and service options.


To best support your Rotortuner equipment, we can provide maintenance and support packages covering everything from basic spares provision to comprehensive Life Cycle Management Packages that include repairs, functional checks, calibration services, upgrade programs, and training.

Helitune Training Course
Customer training

Make sure you optimise your investment with a Helitune training course, specifically tailored to your requirements. From system user to system manager, all levels are provided in an easy-to-follow informative manner.

The Helitune customer support team has extensive experience in RTB and vibration monitoring on many different aircraft types.  We can offer courses to suit all your needs, from basic vibration instruction (non-equipment specific) to on-aircraft-specific requirements (equipment specific).

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Our Rotortuner Rotor Track and Balance systems are used on various aircraft types worldwide.

Whether it’s a standard aircraft configuration or an in-depth flight trial - we have the ability to offer technical support and advice. Any time, any place, anywhere whether it's telephone assistance or in-the-field application support, our experienced team is here to help our customers.

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Engineering capabilities

Helitune’s roots can be traced back to the early 1980s, with innovations such as the world’s first microprocessor-based rotor track and balance system.


From sensor development through to data science, its innovative Engineering Team strives to solve real-world problems through the fusion of customer-focused R&D, ground-breaking technology, and comprehensive applications knowledge.