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Beran PlantProtech Email Alert

PlantProtech Email Vibration Alert

Receive periodic updates from Beran PlantProtech™ Analysers via the automated Email Vibration Alert interface straight to your PC inbox or mobile phone. Stay in touch 24/7, wherever you are, and remain informed about any changes in vibration status or condition of your machine, assisting in the prevention of potential issues before they occur.


The Email Vibration Alert is an optional software interface for the Beran PlantProtech™ Analyser, designed to provide users with the automated email alerts of machine alarm and system health status.

The Email Vibration Alert interface sends e-mails detailing alarm and system status to a configured e-mail address using industry-standard SMTP protocols. The alarm and system status e-mails may be received by the end-user using a standard e-mail client (e.g. Microsoft® Office Outlook®), or alternatively, they may be received and processed by a user-customised data screening application.

The Email Vibration Alert Interface monitors the alarm and/or system logs of any Beran PlantProtech Analyser. New log messages are sent via an e-mail server to a nominated e-mail address. Separate e-mails are sent for each log monitored from each installed PlantProtech Analyser. The E-mail Vibration Alert Interface may be configured to check for new log entries at regular intervals, ranging from once every five minutes to once a day. Additionally, a “summary” facility may be configured to resend all log messages once a day at a specified time, or once a month on a specified day and time.

The Email Vibration Alert Interface is installed and commissioned by Beran personnel. At the time of installation, the E-mail Vibration Alert Interface will be configured by Beran to the user’s requirements. The E-mail Vibration Alert Interface may be installed and commissioned remotely via a modem connection to the Beran PlantProtech Analyser, with minimal disruption to normal operation.

System requirements

May be installed on
  • PP-766 PlantProtech Analyser
  • PP-768 PlantProtech Analyser LT
  • PP-767 Portable PlantProtech Analyser
Firmware version
  • V2.8.3 or later
IT Requirements
  • An email account
  • A SMTP server 


Request information

Alternatively please call
+44 (0)1805 626 697

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