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Mastering vibration analysis for enhanced plant operations

20 Feb 2024

Beran Training Course: Mastering vibration analysis for enhanced plant operations


Unlock the full potential of your Beran PlantProtech online vibration and condition monitoring systems through our comprehensive three-day training course. Hosted at our headquarters in Torrington, Devon, UK, this course offers invaluable insights into optimising plant operations.

About the Course

Tailored for non-practitioners, our course aims to equip attendees with the knowledge necessary to safely manage and operate plant machinery while effectively communicating with specialist vibration engineers.

Value in monitoring rotating plant and understanding vibration diagnostics

Understanding vibration diagnostics and monitoring rotating plant is crucial for ensuring the efficiency and longevity of machinery in various industries. Here's why our course offers immense value in this aspect:

  1. Early detection of machinery faults: Monitoring vibrations allows for the early detection of machinery faults and abnormalities, which can prevent costly breakdowns and downtime.
  2. Proactive maintenance: By understanding vibration patterns and diagnostics, participants can implement proactive maintenance strategies, enhancing operational lifespan and efficiency.
  3. Improved plant reliability: Effective vibration analysis leads to improved plant reliability and performance, as potential issues can be addressed before they escalate.

Target audience

Ideal for system engineers, mechanical engineers, and operations staff, including new hires, trainees, and apprentices. No prior experience in vibration or condition monitoring theory is necessary.

Meet the trainers

Gain essential skills in vibration monitoring and diagnosis from industry experts:

  1. Omoruyi Onobhamiukor: Head of Asset Performance Management at Uniper. With extensive mechanical engineering experience in the power industry, Omoruyi is a seasoned expert in power plant asset monitoring and a member of ISO and BSI vibration analysis committees.
  2. Craig Hill: Beran's Electrical Installation and Service Team Leader. With over 10 years of experience, Craig excels in electrical installation and service leadership. His expertise includes extensive site works, onsite calibration procedures, and working with Beran PlantProtech™ systems.

Learning objectives

  • Interpret vibration data effectively.
  • Select optimal display formats for various scenarios.
  • Utilise historical data for predictive analysis and leverage advanced system features.

What's included

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Rotor Dynamics Manual
  • Refreshments and buffet lunches
  • Full factory tour


£2,212 per person, with a 10% discount for group bookings of three or more.

Attendee testimonials

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of vibration diagnostics. The engaging delivery and hands-on experience made learning enjoyable and effective.

Attending this course was invaluable for our team. The practical sessions and real-world examples helped us apply the concepts directly to our plant operations.

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