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Return to factory

We offer a 'return-to-factory' service for our customers, for both calibration and repair of our products.

Service, repair and calibration

Our Test Engineers will investigate any reported fault(s) on equipment returned to us, before issuing a quotation for any recommended repairs. Depending upon your exact order requirements, the equipment will then be repaired, given a full functional check to ensure that it meets our specifications and (if required) calibrated to UKAS-traceable standard (or UKAS-accredited, if specified).

If you only require annual calibration, then we can perform this for you.

UKAS-accredited calibration

In addition to our standard UKAS-traceable calibration, we also offer UKAS-accredited calibration on all of our products, if required (note: this service is offered in conjunction with a third-party Calibration House).

Environmental checks

We have facilities for environmental shaker testing to pre-defined vibration profiles using our in-house Vibration Table, or to create custom profiles as required/requested. We can also cool or heat equipment (between -40deg C to +70deg C), again using pre-defined or custom profiles.

Transducer calibration

If you use Vibration Transducers as part of your system, we can calibrate these to the manufacturer’s specification using our TransCal™ Shaker System.

How to return items

  • Contact our Technical Support Department and request an RMA Reference Number.
  • Your details will then be logged onto our system. Please include your RMA Number in your return paperwork as this will speed up the process.

We will not reject any equipment that arrives without an RMA Number; however, it may take us longer to process.

If returning equipment for service or repair, please provide as much information and/or clear instructions within the return paperwork, this will assist our Test Engineers with their diagnosis.

Contact Technical Support