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Helitune's Rotortuner products offer proven solutions for integrated vehicle health monitoring and rotor track and balance. From sensor to data exploration Rotortuner solutions are designed to optimise maintenance requirements, increase aircraft availability and reduce the cost of ownership.

RT-6 with Linne Scan Camera

Proven ground support equipment solutions for RTB, vibration analysis and engine monitoring. In service throughout the world, providing powerful data acquisition, analysis, and diagnostic functionality.

On-board (HUMS)

Helitune's on-board systems provide solutions for transmission vibration monitoring, structural vibration monitoring, structural usage monitoring, and rotor track and balance. 

Aircraft Internals

Vibration, speed sensing, and blade tracking sensors to meet demanding measurement requirements. Including a wide range of aircraft-specific cabling and fixture assemblies. 

Rotor Tower Tracking Systems

Helitune’s WhirlTrak™ System provides OEMs with the capability to replicate the performance of onboard monitoring systems at the rotor tower.

Ancillary solutions

Helitune's range of ancillary equipment includes a backup power supply solution for portable 28V instrumentation. 

Close up shot of Airbus HM145 helicopter rotor blades

With growing amounts of data, meaningful archiving and exploitation of vibration and usage data become increasingly important to support condition-based maintenance.