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Rotor Tower Tracking Systems

Helitune’s WhirlTrak™ System provides OEMs with the capability to replicate the performance of onboard monitoring systems at the Rotor Tower.


During rotor blade qualification, production, and maintenance, whirl tower test stands are regularly used by OEMs and deep maintenance service centres in order to dynamically track rotor blades prior to aircraft installation. The accurate tracking measurements made at the whirl tower test stand are used to provide input to initial blade weight and tab adjustments, allowing the blade to be optimised for consistent tracking operation at all blade pitch configurations.


The use of a whirl tower test stand for dynamic blade balancing greatly assists in reducing the number of subsequent rotor track and balance test flights required upon the aircraft in order to balance the blade set, providing both an operational benefit and aircraft hours cost saving.

Hardware products

The Helitune WhirlTrak™ system is a totally integrated solution for the measurement of rotor blade track upon whirl tower test stands