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Rotortuner RT-TipTrak

RT-TipTrak has been developed as an aircraft-installed device for measuring helicopter rotor blade height and lead-lag either as an integral part of on-board HUMS systems or Rotortuner Track and Balance Systems.


The RT-TipTrak system uses ’Line Scan‘ camera technology allowing track measurement to be made at the blade tip, regarded in the helicopter industry as the optimum point of measurement.

Housed in a lightweight alloy casting and containing no moving parts, the RT-TipTrak has been designed as a high-reliability system to meet the EMC and Environmental requirements of DO-160E.

The option of internal or external mounting offers maximum installation flexibility, the RT-TipTrak is provided with internal heating to prevent misting and ice accretion. The RT-TipTrak is fully compatible with all systems adopting the RITA data transfer protocols. Available as either a ‘day-only‘ system or with an optional removable ‘night mode‘ illuminator the RT-TipTrak has the ability to provide 24hour blade tracking capability.

The RT-TipTrak contains internal 1/rev conditioning allowing a direct interface to an unconditioned 1/rev measurement sensor, negating the need for any additional signal conditioning units. Advanced blade recognition technology with 14-bit resolution eliminates the need for supplementary blade contrast enhancements such as the continual painting of rotor blades.

Product Specification

Physical Specification

Dimensions120.5mm x 91mm x 85mm (exc. Connector)
Weight880g MAX
Fixings4x 5/16 24 UNF or 4x M8 (12mm deep) Mounted from base
Input Specification 
Blade Track Accuracy                            ±1.0mm (22deg option at target distance of 2.5m)
Camera Viewing Window Options16°, 22° or 32°
1/rev Input Type CompatibilityHelitune OPU, MPU or TTL Input Single Interrupt or Double Interrupt
1/rev Input TypeSingle Interupt or Double Interupt
1/rev Sensing Range60RPM to 1200RPM
Communication Specification 
RTB Interface CompatibilityHelitune RT-6, HT-VHM, RT-2000 and RT5-JS+
HUMS Interface Compatibility

RITA AS5394 (RS485 Interface, 1Mbaud)

HUMS Interface Protocol


Electrical Specification 
ConnectorD38999 series III
Power Supply+10V to +36V DC
Power Consumption<20W
Remote EnableTTL Input

Overall Environmental Specification

WaterproofnessDO-160G, Section 10, Category R
Sand and DustDO-160G, Section 12, Category S
Operating Temperature

-40° C to +70° C

Storage Temperature-55° C to +85° C


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