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Rotortuner HT-DASU

The HT-DASU system is Helitune's data acquisition and storage unit offering.


The Helitune Data Acquisition and Storage Unit (HT-DASU) combines continuous vibration acquisition for up to 64 channels and measurements from multipledigital interfaces, providing an all encompassing HUMS solution for medium and heavy lift helicopters.

HT-DASU was a key component in the development of the ZF Luftfahrttechnik (ZFL) In-Flight Tuning (IFT) solution. This ground up product development combines latest technologies to produce a highly flexible and modular architecture, ideally suited for new applications as well as addressing third party HUMS component obsolescence.

HT-DASU is a permanent fit HUMS solution for helicopters. The self contained unit, interfaces with multiple sensor inputs ranging from oil temperature pickups to high frequency vibration transducers. Flexible build options are available from 16 to 64 analogue input channels. Digital interfaces are also provided to record parameters from data buses such as MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC-429. Traditional HUMS systems are held back by their inability to capture data from all measurement sensors at once. HT-DASU pioneers a new architecture that measures all sensor data in parallel utilising high speed 24-Bit technology. Conventional HUMS acquisition regimes wait until the helicopter is flying at a particular speed before taking a measurement. Helitune and the University of Bristol have identified that valuable data is being lost. HT-DASU directly addresses this problem with the continuous acquisition of all vibration data, allowing operators for the first time an opportunity to gain a true picture of aircraft health. Additionally HT-DASU has been developed to meet the rigorous requirements of DO-160G, DO-178 / 254 (level D) and MIL-704 compliance.


Features and Benefits

• Rotor Track and Balance (RTB).
• Vibration Health Monitoring.
• Gearbox, Bearing and Engine diagnostics.
• In-Flight Tuning (IFT) capability.
• Continuous Vibration Acquisition.
• Aircraft and Engine Usage Monitoring.
• 24-bit measurement resolution.
• Advanced RTB solutions featuring MFR™
• Integration with Helitune’s RT-Vision database.
• Simultaneous monitoring saves time reduces maintenance & operating costs, cuts     carbon footprint and improves availability.
• Environmental qualification to DO-160G.
• Civil Aviation Authority CAP-753 compliant.
• Hardware/Firmware compliance to DO-178 / DO-254 level D.

Product Specification


16 (64)

Speed Sensors4 (16)

Digital Communication 

ARINC 429Optional
In-flight Tuning InterfaceYes
Helitune HHT InterfaceYes
Wireless (802.1)Optional
Internal Sensors (MEMS - Vib 3-axis)Yes
Wireless (802.1)                                  Optional (requires external antenna)
Internal Storage

32GB (Solid-state)

Dimensions250 x 180 x 50 (125)

2 (3.5) kg

Temperature-30° to +70°C

Software DO-178B

Level D

Hardware DO-178B

Level D


Request information

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+44 (0)1805 626 697

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