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Connectors are often the most likely failure point in a cable, at DJB this is fully understood and we work hard to design and manufacture our own 10/32UNF Microdot and 4-pin 1/4-28UNF connectors to survive 'typical' tough use. All our connectors including BNC, TNC, etc. are fitted using quality strain relief boots to protect the cable connection, all of this has led to DJB's enviable reputation as the world's best accelerometer cable manufacturer, a point even admitted by some of our global competitors.

For applications requiring cables running over a long distance see our range of line drivers. [Inline amplifiers and integrators].

DJB offers a wide range of variations on standard, as well as custom connectors.

Below is a selection of our connectors, the most popular connectors have datasheets for your reference, if you require details about any other connector please do let us know, if we can source it, and we can generally fit it.

Other connectors supplied and fitted include Lemo Connectors®, Fischer Connectors®, SMA, SMB, and SMC.

Product Code


4P-1¼-28 UNF 4-pin connector plug Download
4S-1¼-28 UNF 4-pin connector socket Download
7P2 pole 7/16 UNS free plug Download
7S2 pole 7/16 UNS free socket Download
BC1BNC plug for cables under Ø2mm Download
BC3BNC plug for cables over Ø2mm Download
BS1BNC socket for cables under Ø3mm Download
BS3BNC socket for cables over Ø3mm Download
KP18M3.5 mini-microdot plug, Ø2mm cable Download
KPM3.5 mini-microdot plug, Ø1mm cable Download
KP55-44 UNC mini-microdot plug Download
L8Connector for A/28/E Download
MP210-32UNF microdot plug, Ø2mm cable Download
M110-32UNF microdot plug, Ø1mm cable Download
M810-32UNF microdot plug, Ø0.8mm cable Download
M5M5 microdot plug, Download
MR2Right angled 10/32UNF microdot plug Download
MS110-32UNF Microdot Socket, Ø1mm cable Download
MS210-32UNF Microdot Socket, Ø2mm cable Download
MS810-32UNF Microdot Socket, Ø0.8mm cable Download
MPS10-32UNF microdot plug sealed IP64 

 2 pole connector

TC1TNC Connector Download