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Prosig joins Kvaser's Technical Associate network

2 Mar 2023

Prosig has taken another step towards expanding its CAN bus solutions for noise and vibration measurement by joining Kvaser’s technical associate network. This collaboration highlights Prosig’s commitment to providing the best possible solutions to its customers.

Prosig’s General Manager, Chris Mason, has expressed excitement about adding Kvaser’s products to their solutions.

As CAN measurement has become more complex, Prosig has sought an expert partner to provide high-quality, innovative solutions. Kvaser, with its 40 years of experience in embedded control and leadership in CAN and related buses, was a natural choice.

Kvaser’s high-quality, ergonomic hardware is designed for real-world applications and comes with free drivers and SDK. Kvaser’s commitment to open ecosystems and collaboration with first-class software providers ensure that customers are not tied to one supplier. At the same time, their universal API makes it easy to exchange interfaces without changing the application.

The synergy between Prosig and Kvaser was evident from the start. Both companies offer ‘open’ solutions designed to work with complementary products from other suppliers, offering maximum flexibility for customers. Prosig and Kvaser share a similar hardware design approach, with both companies’ systems known for their compact size, rugged build, and accuracy.

As part of this collaboration, Kvaser’s Memorator is offered along with software to integrate with Prosig products in the DATS-CANetic option. CAN bus data is automatically synchronised, combined with Prosig hardware measurements, and available for real-time viewing via the DATS-Acquisition software. Overall, this collaboration is a positive step towards providing innovative and flexible solutions to customers in noise and vibration measurement.

Visit to find out more about Prosig’s Kvaser-based solutions.

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