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PROSIG and DJB announce PEAK-G as new distributor in North America.

22 Mar 2023

CMTG is delighted to announce that PEAK-G LLC has been appointed as a new distributor for Prosig and DJB products in North America. Peak-g distributes environmental, mechanical and structural test equipment in North America, offering a range of high-quality products from leading European suppliers.

With over 30 years of experience in providing technical sales and support of capital test equipment in North America and around the globe, Peak-g is well-positioned to distribute mechanical and structural test equipment from three European manufacturers to end-users in North America. The company’s mission is to inspire testing through innovative yet affordable test equipment and technologies from sources around the world.

Mark Chomiczewski, owner of Peak-g stated:

There’s a real desire for many companies to find new reliable sources for their test equipment needs. Peak-g’s goal was to find test equipment manufacturers that offer new and better ways for companies to test their products while being budget-friendly. Our mission is to move the mindset of our customers from ‘having to test’ to ‘wanting to test’. The agreements we just signed are a great first step in that direction for companies in North America.

Prosig is excited about the new partnership. Chris Mason, General Manager of Prosig, expressed his delight with the new relationship.

Mark has excellent experience in the testing industry. Peak-g is a great fit for Prosig, and everyone here is looking forward to taking our business in the USA to a new level.

Visit PEAK-G’s website

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