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Our history

Helitune was established in 1978 and has been supplying customers worldwide with Rotor Track and Balance equipment ever since



Established in 1978 and built advanced Rotor Track and Balance (RTB) equipment.


The Rotorturner Mk1 is completed.  The world's first microprocessor-based track and balance system.


The RT-5 was released following a redesign of the Rotortuner Mk1.  The UK MOD was Helitune's first customer.


A Sentinel Balancer is released.  A comprehensive balance for single or multi-engine aircraft.


The RT-2000 is released to service, utiilising advanced algorithms to reduce the number of flights required to return an aircraft to a serviceable state.


Helitune relocates to Torrington, Devon following purchase by Beran Instruments Limited.


  • The RT-5JS+ was released to service following a partnership with the UK MoD to extend the life of RT-5.  Included the release of the Mk2 Line Scan Camera.
  • RT-2000 EHT-20 Terminal is replaced by the Voyager handheld terminal.
  • RT-Vision, Helitune's ground station software is developed.  
  • Two subsidiary offices open in Germany, Helitune GmBH and the USA, Helitune Inc.


  • Helitune acquires System & Electronics Inc (SEI).
  • The Condition Monitoring Group (CMG) is formed.
  • The RT-JEM (Jet Engine Monitor) is released to service.


The RT-EVA (Engine Vibration Analyser) is released to service.


RT-Tip Trak blade tracking for camera is developed and designed for permanent installation on aircraft.


Minimum Flight Routine (MFR) Algorithm is introduced, enabling operators to perform multiple adjustments to reduce flight time required for RTB maintenance.


Collaboration with ZF Luftfahrttechnik to develop the In-Flight Tuning (IFT) system.


The Helitune Flitepad / RT-HHT is introduced to service.


First successful flight trials of IFT system completed.


Our Italian subsidiary office opens (Helitune Srl).


HT-VHM is released to service supporting the Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) and HUMS applications and traditional RTB functions.


Semia SAS has been a long standing partner with Heltune and now joins Helitune's parent company the Condition Monitoring Group (CMG) to support the businesses growth in the Frecnh market.


DJB Instruments a UK renowned manufactuer of Accelerometers and associated instrumentation and calibration services joins Helitune's parent company Condition Monitoring Group (CMG) Ltd.


Helitune's parent company rebrands to align itself more clearly with the companies within the group and becomes Condition Monitoring Technology Group (CMTG) Ltd. 



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