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On-site equipment calibration

Whether you are looking for on-site transducer calibration or a Beran system health check, our on-site services team are expert in providing flexible, tailored solutions.

Since its formation, Beran’s aim has been to offer quality service and innovation. Our On-Site Services Team has added another important element - flexibility.

We know that outage plans are complex and subject to change, which is why we remain as flexible as possible. If you need us on a different date, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Vibration transducer calibration

Whether it's on-site or return-to-base, we can cover all your calibration needs.

Transducers are tested to the manufacturer’s specification, over a range of 5Hz to 5kHz. You will have UKAS-traceable results for an Amplitude Step and Frequency Step test profile; we will also carry out a Frequency Sweep, in order to ensure that there are no 'peaks' or 'troughs' between the standard UKAS frequency points. All points are phase tested and measured, which is important for balancing the machine. This gives you greater confidence in the signals on which your Condition Monitoring Equipment is reliant - remember, “garbage in” equals “garbage out”.

Open-loop signal injection

After a transducer has been calibrated, we can also shake the device at a number of pre-determined vibration levels, whilst it is connected to your turbine supervisory equipment and any other monitoring equipment.

Signal checks can then be undertaken at all equipment locations to ensure the following:

  • Correct cabling – This test ensures that there are no shorts, open circuits, power supply failures, polarity issues, and (of course) that it is wired to the correct location.
  • Equipment set-up - Ensures that the correct sensitivity, frequency range, and any other channel-specific configurations are set up correctly, for all your monitoring equipment.
  • Equipment functionality – Checks that your equipment is functioning correctly and alarms are triggering at the appropriate levels; it will also ensure that current loop outputs are working.

Beran system health check

This is the most thorough check available for your Beran PlantProtech™ Condition Monitoring System and associated equipment, and consists of a full system calibration with the following additions:

  • Network and Modem* Check
  • External Data Input* Check – Pi, Modbus, etc.
  • Data Output* Check - Beran Station Mimics, Pi Links, etc.
  • System Fail and Alarm Functionality* Check

(* = where installed)

For all customers with the full Beran Maintenance Support Package, any failures identified during the System Health Procedure will be repaired on the same visit, where possible, saving you time!

Additional equipment or software

Beran's Off-Site Services Team is happy to deal with any additional requirements you may have as we have the relevant knowledge and experience to fit hardware or software upgrades into your existing system. The upgrade will be seamlessly linked to your current condition monitoring system.