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Semia Syntester S5000 S2000
S5000/S2000 Tester
Hardware product

Simulates a constant helicopter engine vibration level for calibration check.


  • Robust and compact
  • Easy way to control tolerance is within the limits. 
  • Checking the good condition of the cables.
  • Enabling training elsewhere other than using a helicopter
Semia Portapump portable fuelling
Hardware product

The Portapump unit is a rugged, all-weather fuel pump designed for the rapid fuelling or refueling of all types of aircraft or vehicles using jet A1 or diesel with a flash point above 37oC. It is designed to be easily transported by aircraft, helicopter, or vehicle.

Semia VibSim
Hardware product

VibSim’s purpose is to simulate on the workshop table or in a training room fixed wings or rotating blades aircraft’s vibrations.

Semia accelerotester
Accelerotester calibrator
Hardware product

This device makes it possible to check the good operating of the SteadyControl sensors (accelerometers, magnetic sensor, and optical sensor) and of the Syntham (accelerometers).

Syntham5000: ARRIUS 2R validation

Semia and Safran Helicopter Engines (Safran HE) technical staff, validated Semia’s Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for Engine Vibration Control and Rotor Track and Balance functions, the Syntham5000, on a new Safran HE variant: ARRIUS 2R.