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Prosig / DJB - Automotive Testing Expo, Chennai, India

18 April 2023 - 20 April 2023
Chennai Trade Centre , Chennai, India

Prosig & DJB Instruments will be attending the Automotive Testing Expo in Chennai, India on April 18-20 April.

Prosig, a member of the worldwide engineering group CMTG, is a specialist in sound and vibration measurement. Prosig will be exhibiting its complete range of measurement systems integrated with CAN-bus measurement, making it possible to provide complete engineering solutions across a range of market sectors and disciplines.

DJB Instruments, another member of the CMTG group, has launched a new line of isolated base sensors for a wide range of applications, including automotive EV battery testing. The company has designed these sensors with a ceramic base, which is smaller and more robust than traditional anodized aluminum cup designs, providing enhanced reliability and durability.

DJB Instruments offers three tri-axial sensor families with the ceramic isolated base option, each with varying sensor masses ranging from 1.2gms to 16.6gms and nominal sensitivities from 1mV/g to 200mV/g. These sensors are designed to meet the needs of customers requiring high-quality and reliable electrical isolation for their testing applications.

The CMTG team offers customers a unique combination of high-quality, customizable products and support services to meet their individual sound and vibration measurement requirements. This combination of expertise, innovation, and customer focus makes the Prosig and DJB team from CMTG a leader in the field of sound and vibration measurement, and a preferred choice for customers looking for reliable and effective solutions.

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