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Helitune srl / Prosig / DJB - Automation and Testing in Torino Italy

22 February 2023 - 24 February 2023
Oval Lingotto, Turin, Italy

Prosig and DJB Instruments are both part of the worldwide engineering group CMTG. They will be exhibiting at A&T in Torino under the CMTG/Helitune srl banner from February 22-24 2023. Helitune srl provides local sales and technical support for the Prosig & DJB brands in the Italian market.

Prosig offers reliable, high-quality measurement systems and support services. The company specializes in sound and vibration measurement and creates precision and high-integrity tools for measurement and analysis. Prosig has a complete range of measurement systems integrated with CAN-bus measurement and, as part of CMTG, can provide complete engineering solutions across various disciplines and market sectors.

DJB has launched a line of isolated base sensors for automotive EV battery testing and other applications that require electrical isolation of the sensor from the test specimen. The company uses a ceramic base on the vibration sensor, which is smaller in size and more reliable than traditional anodized aluminum cup designs. DJB offers three tri-axial sensor families with the ceramic isolated base option, with sensor masses ranging from 1.2 gms to 16.6 gms and nominal sensitivities from 1 mV/g to 200 mV/g.

After being acquired by CMTG in Quarter 4 2022, DJB is investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing and calibration systems, such as a new automated calibration system that improves the efficiency of performing standard 28-point calibrations between 10Hz and 10kHz.

CMTG/DJB/Prosig provides customers with high-quality, customisable products for individual sound and vibration measurement applications.

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