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DJB's range of accelerometers are available in a variety of configurations, we produce both Charge Output and Voltage Output IEPE Accelerometers including the worlds smallest stainless steel accelerometers (A/28/E and A/128/V) and modal clip mounted triaxial accelerometers (AT/11, AT/13, A/136).

Our range also includes unique and industry leading water cooled IEPE accelerometers capable of operating in extreme temperatures ranging up to 900°C.

DJB's wide range of accelerometers are suitable for almost any vibration measurement application requiring a high degree of accuracy, in a potentially hostile environment.

A group of A/123 accelerometers shot in a purple background
Monoaxial Charge Output
A/128 accelerometer with a sharperner
Monoaxial IEPE
A grey cubed AT/04 accelerometer
Triaxial Charge Output
An A/31 accelerometer in a dark cubed shaped with three grey points popping out
Triaxial IEPE
An A/161 accelerometer shot in purple background
High Shock
A close up shot of an A/33 accelerometer
High Temperature
A shot of DJB MEMS Connector Cable
DC Mems Accelerometer Range
A close up shot of an A/1800 accelerometer in a purple background
Micro g, Seismic
A close up shot of an A/107 accelerometer in a purple background
Industrial Accelerometers


There are several pieces of instrumentation to consider in your measurement chain.

For example, if you use a charge accelerometer, you will need a charge amplifier. IEPE accelerometers can usually be connected directly to the acquisition system. If an older acquisition system is used, we can provide a range of IEPE signal conditioners.

Inline charge amplifiers are becoming a very popular way of connecting charge accelerometers. These utilise the IEPE power built into many data acquisition systems. Analogue filters enable users to filter out unwanted noise or other spurious signals. Conversion of the accelerometer signal to either velocity or displacement is a simple mathematical process. Integrators can do this in real-time, allowing the already converted signal to be used. 

AF Impedance Head shot
AF Impedance Head
A signal conditioning instrumentation box - CV9
Charge Amplifiers
Grey box instrumentation
IEPE Signal Conditioning
A shot of a grey-blue mems signal conditioner
MEMS Signal Conditioner
A IH-10 IEPE impact hammer
Impact Hammers
A metallic rectangular junction box
Junction Box
A silver voltage converter
Inline Amplifiers and Integrators
Blue Handheld vibration meter
Handheld Vibration Meter - VSI
Small, black, handheld calibrator
Handheld Calibrator
analogue electrical filter
Analogue Electrical Filters
Grey box instrumentation
Modular Signal Conditioning
IEPE Sensor Simulator
IEPE Sensor Simulator

Cables and Accessories

DJB Instruments UK Ltd offers the widest range of assembled stock cables for accelerometers, for same day despatch and with more than 15,000 connectors and 40 different cable types available in stock we can also assemble cables to suit the customer requirements.

DJB green connector
DJB Mounting block metal
Mounting Accessories
Featured Products
A/128 accelerometer with a sharperner
Acelerometer A/128/V

Ultra-miniature, in-line voltage output, all welded, piezo-ceramic shear plate sensing element. 

A close up shot of an A/33 accelerometer
Accelerometer A/133/V

The A/133/V IEPE range of voltage triaxial accelerometers, feature ultra high temperature usage on surfaces up to 900°C.

A close up shot of a 3 channel charge amplifier
IEPE Amplifier CV3

The CV3 range is a lightweight portable 3 channel unit for use in the field or in the lab.

A djb employee in a workshop
Service and support

DJB offer a wide range of services and support. This includes Calibration, Cable Assembly and Repairs, and so much more!

Training courses

Find out more about our specialist courses, designed for engineers.